What channels will I be able to have with Starcube?

The type and number of channels you will receive is dependent on the coverage of the TV networks in your area.  Just like a cellphone —- your phone’s signal is not much dependent on your phone per se but on the network coverage of your service provider.

What is the difference between Starcube and my cable/satellite service provider?

Starcube will allow you to view free-to-air local channels available in the area but will not include the premium Pay TV channels (like Fox, HBO, Starworld, etc.).  However, the biggest advantage is that with Starcube, you do not have to pay any monthly subscription to enjoy this service.

What is the difference between Starcube and other TV Boxes?

Starcube has a host of features not currently available with other TV Boxes.   Aside from being able to play DTV contents (except Cinemo, Yey, Knowledge Channel, DZMM Teleradyo and KBO) it is also a complete media player, a recorder, time-shift enabled, and an HD device that is easy to install.

If there will be new channels in the future, will my Starcube be able to show this or do I need to upgrade?

There is no need for an upgrade. Starcube TV will be able to receive and show all new channels after a quick channel scan.

Can I use it in multiple TVs? Can I use a splitter?

We recommend you install one box per TV.  If you are using a splitter, you only will be able to watch the same channel playing on your Starcube across all the TV’s.

What is the required voltage of Starcube?

Auto-volt — 110/220V

How easy is it to install this and does it work with all TVs? What if my TV isn’t LED or LCD?

Starcube is very easy to install. Just plug in the antenna, the RCA or HDMI cable to the TV, and the power to an outlet.  Starcube will be able to play on older TV’s via the composite plugs or the RCA plugs.  A set of RCA cables is included in the kit.

Where do I put the antenna? Is it water proof?

The active antenna included in the kit is not water-proof and is meant for indoor use.  We recommend you place the antenna as close as possible to a window for better reception.  The antenna has a magnetic base so you can attach it to any metal surfaces like a window frame.

What do you mean when you say active antenna?

Active antennas are powered and include amplifiers to better capture network signals.  Passive antennas are not powered and do not include amplifiers.  Your Starcube antenna is 2x more powerful than a standard passive antenna commonly bundled with other DTV boxes.

Is there a difference between using the RCA cable and a HDMI cable?

Yes there is! Using a standard RCA cable on your HD TV will only give you standard definition output. Using an HDMI cable you can reach up to HD output depending on the quality of the media being played from your USB or the output of the network broadcasting the content

Can I use another remote control like my Universal RC?

No, the box can only be controlled with the remote that came with the box.   You can purchase a Starcube remote control separately should you need a replacement.

What do I do if I lose my remote control?

Go to your nearest Starcube TV outlet and we will have one ready for purchase.  In case you need to use the device right away, there are controls on the device itself. The 7 button controls correspond to most of the functionalities found in your remote.

How are you able to rewind, fast forward and pause live programs?

Once you have at least a USB 2.0 inserted in the port in the front panel, time shifting feature will be available.  You can pause and rewind the program that you are currently watching.  You can also skim through the TV ads and forward it to make you catch up to “live”.  However, you cannot forward it beyond what is being played in the live broadcast.

Can I play my downloaded movies, music and pictures and watch it on my TV?

Yes you may if you have it stored in a USB (2.0 minimum).  Just plug it into the USB port and search the file you want to play.  These are the files that are supported:

  • Supported Media Files:
    • Music: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC
    • Photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG
    • Video: MKV, AVI, XVID, MOV, VOB, FLV, DAT, MPEG, MPG, MP4, TS and More

What kind of USB devices can I plug in? Can I attach my big hard drive to Starcube?

You can insert any USB thumb drive provided it is at least USB 2.0. For hard drives, you can also plug this in provided they are externally powered.  Desktop size portable hard drives are usually provisioned with external power source. Slim hard drives will need to be powered externally.  Please ask your nearest computer store about them.

Can I install Starcube in my vehicle?

Yes, provided that you install an inverter that the Starcube can plug into. It cannot be plugged directly into the accessory port/lighter port of any car.

Do you have a warranty?

Standard 1 year warranty.

How do I record programs? Can I schedule it? Can I play the recorded program in other devices?

Any recording or timeshift functionality will require a USB storage device inserted into the device. You can record, by pressing the record button, or schedule a record. Just remember to keep the device powered on, it will record even if the TV is off. You may not be able to watch other channels or media while it is recording.

All recorded content can be played in devices such as PCs/Laptops/Media players.